Francine Locke


Francine's career started in photography, modeling for national publications, traveling throughout in the Midwest, Toronto & Montreal. She began working in commercials & industrial training films, eventually booking roles on local Chicago productions, like Early Edition and Chicago Story, and playing opposite Tom Cruise in Risky Business. In the late 1990's, she took a 10 year sabbatical but came back to the career she loves in 2009, winning a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the 168 Project. Since that first nomination, she has also won Best Actress twice, once for her first self produced short Family Law, the other for True Tale Monsters, and she was again nominated Best Supporting Actress for "Breaking". Her first major starring role in a feature, was playing Jackie Carpenter in Georgia Justice (2012) She enjoys the freedom of traveling to various locations for film, having gone from Chicago to Seattle, LA, Charlotte, and even Poland in one year. She holds a degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Illinois.


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